Saturday, July 11, 2009

a day in the life of the real doll nerd, married to supercooldollhouse

today, i popped into walmart for some hair goop. and since i've never been able to leave a walmart before surfing the doll aisle, i ended up skimming through the barbies. usually, i would have left the aisle with a disappointed sigh. i can't remember the last time i wanted anything from mattel. but this time, i had found the clearance aisle first. a single 'ricky ricardo as santa' sat on a shelf amongst other random clearance stuff. actually, this doll's name is stupid long:
"I Love Lucy" Starring Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo in "The Christmas Show"
the clearance tag had been partially ripped off so the price wasn't discernible. hmm. the lucy stuff starts out overpriced. maybe that's not fair to lucy; all 'collectible' barbies start out overpriced. (not as overpriced as jason wu's dolls, but that's another rant altogether) as i scanned the box under the price checker, i thought "c'mon, 12 bucks." the scanner showed "$19.00" not bad. not great, but not bad. and then i thought about the future, specifically, some time in mid-december. a time when i will be sick of christmas. i will have decorated my store and set up gift zone after gift zone. if you happen to be in a macys this holiday season, know that everything you see has been painstakingly planned for months ahead of time. (i'll be starting my holiday floorplans as soon as i finish with back-to-school, in about a week)
anyway, back to my 'sick of christmas' time: i will be exhausted from sorting gifts and dealing with everything else holiday-related. i will be sitting at my computer, staring vacantly at the screen. maybe i'm at the tonner site, still waiting for pics of the torchwood and doctor who dolls. maybe i'm at the dae site, looking for the pics of their metamorphosis collection they've been promising since i was twelve years old. but, most likely, i'll be trolling ebay, when supercooldollhouse asks:
chrissy, do you have any red velvet?
i probably have red velvet, but it's probably not anywhere i can easily get to. and it's probably not just a piece of fabric, but a whole garment i've picked up because of some trim i want from it. so i'll have to get up and dig through bins of fabric and clothing pieces. then i'll have to remove whatever i want, before giving scdh his alotment of red velvet.
a little later, i will hear:
chrissy, do you have any white felt?
this one will be a little easier, unless scdh isn't satisfied with the look of the felt. in which case he'll ask for white rabbit fur. even though i'm vegan, i still keep a stash of reclaimed fur from old garments. so again, more digging, more dismantling, etc, etc.
chrissy, do you have white barbie hair?
chrissy, do you have black ken boots?
suddenly, 19 bucks seems like a bargain!
now, i'll only have to hear:
chrissy come see my christmas set-up; darius is dressed up as santa.