Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Tribute to Babydoll

To my dearest Babydoll, I've been planning this tribute for quite a long time. Almost for as long as you've been gone. I miss you all the time. I think about you every day. You are always in my heart.  I know that a blog post, with a picture of a doll and a mini version of you would all be quite meaningless to you, as well as unnecessary; we always knew how we felt about each other, a "bonded pair." And as I type this, I realize how ridiculous this whole project has been, but I needed to do it.
For anyone interested in the nuts&bolts:
*mini Babydoll -felted sculpture by Sharon of DreamwoodArtDesigns on etsy; commissioned for me by my better half, supercooldollhouse
*quarter-scale Sybarite fashion doll is Venus by Superdoll London
*her frilled sheer blouse is "vintage" Superdoll London
*her dress was originally by Robert Tonner New York, but has been customized by me for the shoot
*her polka-dot pumps are FBR by Superdoll London
*her wig is my creation
*the setting is an ingenious room box designed by supercooldollhouse, customized by me for the shoot (custom walls of hand-dyed fabric with miniature portraits in custom frames, custom hand-painted floor, custom window frame and drapery, custom shelves filled with miniatures, some collected and some created, chaise by Bespaq reupholstered and customized, unusual footstool by me)